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XIVChat Relay

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XIVChat Relay

Anna Clemens
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The XIVChat Relay allows you to use XIVChat clients from anywhere! Leave your game at home and use XIVChat for Android to chat on your phone or XIVChat for Windows on your laptop on the go.

Unlike port forwarding, the Relay does not open your computer up to the internet. It also doesn't require any technical know-how, like tunnelling does. Simply enable the Relay in-game, put in your auth code and your server's public key, and you're good to go!

The relay is an external server run by the developer of XIVChat. The server relays messages to and from the server to allow you to chat in-game from anywhere in the world without any additional network configuration.

The relay server cannot read your messages by design: it only relays them to their destination. Your messages are encrypted with the same keys as usual (you can even verify this in game).

After subscribing, you will be emailed an access code you can use immediately to authenticate with the relay.

Please note that the XIVChat Relay is in public beta. You may experience disconnects when the Relay is updated and you may experience issues with the service. If, after troubleshooting, you cannot use the Relay, you can request a cancellation of your subscription and a full refund.

Please note that while XIVChat for Windows will work on Windows 7 with the relay, the relay itself (inside the XIVChat Server plugin) does not work on Windows 7 and requires at least Windows 8.


You'll get an authentication code you can use to connect to the relay.

Supported clients
Android, Windows
Supported Windows versions
Windows 8+
Minimum Android app version
Minimum Windows app version
Minimum server version


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